No, not SANDAG, that is the San Diego Association of Governments. This is SANDAC, the San Diego Activist Citizens.

SANDAC consists of Sierra Club Volunteers who will monitor and educate the SANDAG Board Members. Ourl goal is to team up a Sierra Club Volunteer with each SANDAG Board Member and Alternate.

Each volunteer will be the point person for communication with their board member. This would include one-to-one meetings with the board member, as well as occasionally speaking at local city council meetings and SANDAG board and/or subcommittee meetings.

Why are we doing this?
Well, reactive approaches like suing SANDAG did not convince them to change their ways, so we are going to try a proactive approach. The goal is to persuade SANDAG to prioritize public transit in the 2019 edition of the Regional Transportation Plan. The strategy is to ensure that SANDAG Board Members are aware of the Sierra Club’s viewpoint and that we are reporting on their actions. We want to ensure that SANDAG understands that the public wants real action on climate change.

There are 21 voting members on the SANDAG Board, one from each of the 19 local jurisdictions (18 cities and the county), plus an extra member for the county and the City of San Diego, which each get two seats. Each member can have two alternates, and most of them do. So, we need up to 63 volunteers to team one volunteer up with each member or alternate. That means we need YOU. Ideally, the volunteers should live in the same city as their board member.

So, what would you be signing up to do if you join SANDAC? Here are the basics:

  1.  Contact your board member, introduce yourself, and explain that you are teamed up with him or her as their very own Sierra Club point person. Ask for a meeting.
  2.  At that first meeting, explain what we are trying to accomplish. A script will be provided to you.
  3.  Attend a meeting of your board member’s city council. Introduce yourself, and explain to your board member’s colleagues what we are trying to accomplish.
  4.  When an action alert goes out on the SANDAC network, ask for a meeting to deliver the message from the alert. You will get a prepared script that you can adapt and personalize.
  5.  Attend a meeting of the city council and repeat the message from the alert, so the full council hears what we are asking of their SANDAG representative.

We know, this sounds a little scary. Never fear, most public officials actually like to meet with their constituents. And we are going to provide you with some training on how to make a public comment at a meeting, as well as on how to hold a one-on-one meeting with your board member.

To join the SANDAC team, please complete the form below or call the Chapter office at 858-569-6005.